Dynamo Scripts

Dynamo scripts that are deployed use the Dyno app to allow for users to easily activate using the Revit Ribbon tabs. These scripts have custom GUIs written in Python using SharpDevelop. I want to thank all the package developers and of course the Dynamo authors for their contribution: Ian Keough, Konrad K Sobon, Andreas Dieckmann, Dimitar Venkov, Nathan Miller, John Pierson, Julien Benoit, Prorubim team


This Dynamo script calculates the occupant load by areas and fixed seating parameters. An area plan is used for the area based occupant loads and a line based family is used for fixed seating. The calculations can be separated by level. The results are forwarded to an generic annotation family to be placed on a sheet.

revit dynamo occupancy calculations


This Dynamo script will add a sheet count and a total sheet count to the CD set sheets using shared parameters added to all sheets within a Revit project. EX: Sheet 10 of 52

revit dynamo sheet numbering


This Dynamo script cleans up unplaced views and/or sheets depending on user selection. A python GUI allows different toggles / selections to be made. After running, the project file can be further reduced by running the built-in Revit purge utility.

revit dynamo cleanup model


This Dynamo script changes the text case to all caps of all text elements in active view. The active view can be a view or a sheet. If a sheet is active, then all views on that sheet are parsed. The text elements are: textboxes, dimension overrides or dimension text fields, view name and title on sheet.

revit dynamo text case


This Dynamo script uses the built in Interference Check to find collisions in the model and document the collisions by creating cropped axonometric views of the collisions. The appearance of elements colliding is overwritten via "View-Specific Element Graphics". Collisions are grouped so that the amount of views are reduced to problematic areas instead of having one view per each collision. The views can then be studied and shared with consultants.

revit dynamo clash detection


This Dynamo script searches for point clouds loaded in the Revit project or in Revit links and allows for hiding and unhiding them. The hide/unhide toggles are loaded via the Dyno app and assigned to keyboard shortcuts for quick execution.

revit dynamo point cloud visibility